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“Tegwen Evans’ artistic journey is a fusion of personal exploration, vibrant expression, and a deep-seated commitment to capturing an essence of connection. Drawing inspiration from their own mental health journeys and the dynamic interplay of queer identity and representation, Tegwen’s art serves as a reflection of the complexities inherent in unique shared experience. Initially drawn to photography as a means of seeing the world through a different lens, Tegwen’s creative evolution disposes traditional boundaries. While their formal education at Berlin’s Neue Schule für Fotografie provided a foundation, their artistic vision has since expanded to encompass a diverse array of mediums. From cyanotype printing on objects to manipulating Polaroids and painting on film, each medium becomes a canvas for Tegwen’s exploration of randomness and vibrant colors.

With multiple solo and group exhibitions spanning Berlin, Paris, Leipzig, and New York, Tegwen’s work has captivated audiences both locally and globally. Their art has found a home in physical publications such as zines, as well as digital platforms hosting exhibitions and articles. At the heart of Tegwen’s practice lies a profound belief in the transformative power of art as a conduit for emotional processing communally. Inspired by the anthropological concept of “participant/observation,” they create artworks that acknowledge the window of their own perspective while inviting viewers to overwrite the experience through their own interpretations. Through this dynamic interplay between closeness and distance, Tegwen strives to cultivate immersive spaces where participants can explore, reflect, and connect to uniqueness.

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