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One Day Exhibitions

2022 August 4 "Experience 4" Art Bei Ton and The Gods Planet at Suicide Berlin, Germany

2021 September 9 "Speciwomen" Magazine Launch Paris, France

2019 November 21 "The FAKE ART presents - Live Museum​" The Fake Art at Melancholie Berlin, Germany

2019 November 14 "Who are you?Art Bei Ton at Griessmuehle Berlin, Germany

2019 September 7 “Spinnerei Open House” with Klara Meinhardt at Spinnerei Leipzig, Germany

2019 August 3 "Identity and sexuality: between dream and realityArt Bei Ton at Griessmuehle Berlin, Germany

2019 July 11 “Summer of Love” Art Bei Ton at Griessmuehle Berlin, Germany

2019 March 14 "Gender and SexualityArt Bei Ton at Griessmuehle Berlin, Germany

2019 February 28 "TrashEra.berlinTrashEra at Der Wilde Renate Berlin, Germany

2018 November 9 "TrashEra XTrashEra at Der Wilde Renate Berlin, Germany

2018 November 8 "Femininity and IdentityArt Bei Ton at Griessmuehle Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibitions

2019 October 23 “Queer Culture - Photography Exhibition” KAKE Berlin, Germany

2019 July 8 “Großkreisentfernung Mail Art Exhibition” Tȇte Gallery; Berlin, Germany

2019 June 1 “BAI Fellows 2019 Exhibition Opening” Berlin Art Institute; Berlin, Germany

2019 January 26 "STAGED, CONSTRUCTED, REAL" Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin, Germany

2018 December " ĀTMAN | Interdisciplinary Exhibition" Polyphony Berlin, Germany

2018 July "Stories We've Been Told" PictureBerlin at Gr_und Gallery Berlin, Germany

2018 July "Dérive" (Drifting) PictureBerlin at Tȇte Gallery Berlin, Germany

2018 June "Bauchgefühl" Pilotenkueche Leipzig, Germany

2018 May "The Pool" Alte Handelsschule Leipzig, Germany

2018 May 5 "Open House" Neue Schule fur Fotografie Berlin, Germany

2018 May "151 SEC." K56 Leipzig, Germany

2017 November 12 "Open House" Neue Schule fur Fotografie Berlin, Germany

2017 May 21 "Open House" Neue Schule fur Fotografie Berlin, Germany

2016 December 6 " Benefit" Trestle Projects New York, USA

Solo Exhibitions

2019 February 14 "Participant/Observation" KAKE Gallery and Performance Space Berlin, Germany

2017 October 11 "Trash, Not Garbage: Work in Progress"  An einem Sonntag im August Berlin, Germany

2017 August 9 "TrashEra" S Mein Haus Am See Berlin, Germany

Physical Publications

2022 Zine "Rosé vol.1 friendship"

2019 "Picture Berlin Catalog" (Summer)

2019 January/February "PiB Guide Nº22" 

2018 March Photo feature in “Smoke City” by LoosenArt

2016  "Spectrum" (Fall Edition) Literary Magazine

Online  Publications

2022 August 15 "I can tell by how you breathe, you can manifest anything" Sibling Collaborative

2020 January "We Queers Don't Live in Isolation" photo feature

2020 January Berlin Art Institute "xx:hair" feature

2019 February "@tegwenphoto Interview​"  House of Girls

2019 February Trashera X

2018 August Picture Berlin Artists Summer 2018: Tegwen Evans (US)

2018  May PilotenKeuche Artist Spotlight: Tegwen Evans 

Education / Residencies

2021 July 2 - 11 The Palace Residency Gorzanow, Poland

2018 September 1 - December 30 Berlin Art Institute Berlin, Germany

2018 July 12 - August 26 PictureBerlin Berlin, Germany

2018 April 1 - June 31 PilotenKeuche Leipzig, Germany

2018 Certificate of Photography Neue Schule für Fotografie; Berlin, Germany

2016 Northeastern University: 2D Fundamental Art and 2D Tools for Software and Editing; Massachusetts, USA

2016 Northeastern University: Documentary Photography; Berlin, Germany

2017 Landscape Photography and Book Publishing Retreat with Maxwell Milligan in Scotland

2017 "Coaching for Artists" with Elettra de Salvo in Berlin, Germany


2017 Analogue Now Portfolio Review Winner; Berlin, Germany

2016 Honorable Mention, College of Social Science and Humanities (CSSH), Global Photography Contest; Massachusetts, USA

Artistic Employment

2019-Present Co-Founder of Blue Star Project Space GbR Berlin, Germany

2016-Present Freelance Photographer

2016-Present Exhibiting Artist

2022 August Mentorship for Martin Paris in Berlin, Germany

2021 January-June Lecturer of Ethics in Photography at Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin, Germany

2016 Faculty Art Instructor at Montclair Art Museum "Summer Art Program"; New Jersey, USA

2014-2015 Internship at Montclair Art Museum "Summer Art Program" 2014 and 2015; New Jersey, USA

2015 Internship for Art Education Department at Montclair Art Museum; New Jersey, USA

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